Here I go!!!

Is this true??? cant believe I have my own blog!!! A big thank you to all my friends and well wishers for the praises which they have showered me with. If it wasn’t for you all, I would have never rediscovered my hobby. Thank you dear Anchal for being so enthusiastic about helping me with this. I don’t know how I would have managed without you. Need one last favour from you, untill I figure out how to change my password, don’t be naughty!! Please!!

When I was thinking about a name for the blog, I went crazy. So many lines, words, phrases were cooking in my head. I had almost finalised on ‘It’s only words’, after the popular boyzone track. It was a personal favourite during my early college days. I thought it represents my thought just perfectly, ‘Its only words and words are all I have to take your heart away’. Little did I know that a song that I used to hum for a friend, would become so relevant in my life. Then I chanced upon the word PANTOMIME while helping my son with his studies. It means expressing oneself with the help of gestures, body movements or even music but no words. Since I am using words as my medium of expression, weaving thoughts with a pen, I tweaked it to PEN-tomime, meaning expressing with a pen. My site designer, Anchal agrawal, seemed more approving of this name and hence was born PEN-TOMIME.

With the blessings of my parents and encouragement and persuasion of my friends and little sisters, I present to you a pentomime of my thoughts, childhood memories, encounters with friendship, musings of motherhood and many more aspects which make me the person I am. I hope to continue to entertain you all with my writing and prove myself worthy of the appreciation bestowed on me.



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