The best head massage ever

5th September 2015
Picture this
You are lying in your bed after an emotionally exhausting day hoping to fall asleep inspite of the severe headache preventing you from doing so and suddenly you feel a soft touch on your forehead, the softest, most selfless fingers caress your brow,trying to put as much pressure as possible for a 3yr old, the push is negligent for you but each time she does it, she gives out a cold soothing whiff of breath on your forehead because for her it is a lot of effort. and she is taking this effort to soothe you of your pain and gives you the most amazing and soulful massage ever.The one who is drained is me and the one who put life back in me is my daughter Diaa. She hugs me, kisses me and then in the most gentle and loved tone asks me,”Mumma,ab thik hai? Aap meri pyaari mumma ho na, chalo so jao, main yahan bethi hu, aap ke paas,aapko bhaoo kuch nahi karega,ok,ab so jao.” My eyes fill up with tears and i close them to be the good girl that she wants me to be.


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