You, from my eyes….

Hey friends!! This is my first attempt at writing fiction!! Please read it and give your valuable feedback!! I hope you like it!! Here it goes……

You, From my eyes…..

She is awfully quiet today. I can feel it. I am not near her but i know that she is deeply hurt inside. She needs someone to lean on, to talk to. I wish i could run to her but no i cant. I have caused her enough hurt. Oh god! Bring her to me so that i can ease off some of her pain.

She just woke up and left. Didnt even look at me. As if i am not there at all. We always left home together, arm in arm. How did we change so much? Where did our relationship go wrong?? We talked about everything under the sun, but now she doesnt need me anymore. Actually she needs me but has somehow forgotten that i was, i am and i will always be there for her. Ohh!! If only i was not buried under these books!!!

Its raining today!! Rains always remind her of me. I am sure when she comes home today she will miss me…

I was right. She finally came upto me. I told you that she loves me. Its just that she was too occupied in her own sorrow to be able to share it with me. The same sorrows that had seperated us, have brought us together again. We are looking at each other. We are holding each other. I can see her moist cheeks, smudged kajal and i know that she wants to pour her heart out to me. I opened my arms wide and took her every sorrow, all the hurt and pain in my embrace. Her tears didnt just wet me but my soul too. She just couldnt stop crying but i am glad she realised that i do love her. I missed her too. I was waiting for her to open up to me. I couldnt force her untill she wanted to. Now that she has shared everything with me, it will make her feel good. I am happy for her. She is sleeping soundly today, like a baby. The calm on her face after the turmoil is very reassuring. We are a couple again.

Its morning and just the way i like it to be. We had breakfast together and she spilled her coffee as usual. But this time it was on me instead of the floor. Its just a small spill. She didnt notice it otherwise would have reached for a tissue. We left for work together, arm in arm. The walk upto the bus stop was usual. She had a spring in her step. I know she is giving life a second chance. A break up is not the end of the world. Its tough to get over it but she has always been strong. I have been with her since her first crush. I know she’s been through this before and will emerge a winner again. We wont see each other till evening now. I cant wait to get home to see her.

She is seeing someone!! i havent seen her so excited about a date since so many months. Its good to see her fussing about her clothes, her hair, shoes and all that. Going by the effort she is putting in to look her best, i know she is seriuos about him. I hope she finds her soulmate in him this time. She has gone through enough heart breaks. Now i wish she has a ” and they lived happilly everafter” story with him. She has told me about him. He seems like a nice man. As much in love with her as she with him. I will meet him today for the first time.

He was late to pick her for their date. So i couldnt be introduced formally. I had a glimpse of him before she shut the door behind her. He is very handsome. They look lovely together. They walked upto the car hand in hand. I hope he opens the door for her. She likes chivalrous men, those who treat a lady with love and respect.

I think i will go to sleep. She will be late. I hope they have a good time. I am happy for her but somewhere i know she will see me less now. She will talk to me but it will be interrupted by his messages, phone calls and video chats. I will still be happy. She has found someone to share her life with and wont need a lifeless diary to speak to every night. I have been with her since she started understanding her feelings, sometimes being the mom she misses so much, sometimes the man she yearns for and sometimes the friend seven seas away but i am, after all, just a bunch of blank pages waiting to be inked with her life experiences.


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