An ode to my teacher

I have memories of you galore,
Some sweet, some very sweet
Makes me smile, makes me cry
Wanting to go back in time

I may have been naughty
Prankful, extremely Mischievous sort
But I knew you would always
Appreciate my sincere effort

I may have been talkative
Disturbing the class more than self
But I knew you always heard
My silent calls for help

I may have been irregular
Incomplete in my assignments
But I completely trusted you
To regularly nurture my talents

I may not have won medals for school
Or shine in the school alumni
I may not be a cherished name
That will make you smile

I may not have been a high scorer
Or a popular child in class
I may be another name
In the list of promoted and passed

I know I am forgotten
Not leaving an impact
But I am still unique and
I will still be your part

I will never forget you
For you have left a mark
Carved deeply with your gentle ways
On my mind, heart and soul’s bark

I think of all the cards I made
Every year on this day
Thinking that mines would be the best
Out of the many that came your way

With drawings of flowers,
Butterflies, rainbows and hearts
In your favourite colours
From the end to the start

I wish I could come to you
With a similar one today
To wish you whole heartedly
A very happy teachers day.


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