School days

Dear children

I write this today, not as a girl, a mother or an elder. I write this as an ex student. Today I want to share with you my school experience and hope to strike a chord with all who read it.

My school’s name is Trinity English School in Ahmedabad. It was a very small school with just one class for each std. Because of it’s limited student strength, we all were very closely knit into the threads of friendship. The teachers knew us all inside out and it was very difficult to get away with any mischief.

There was a huge badam tree in my school compound. One day a few friends and myself were hitting stones at the tree to make the badams fall and one of us missed and the huge stone hit the glass window of my principal’s cabin. She was a very strict lady, petite and thin in frame, but equally magnanimous in discipline and character. She was Mrs. Tanumati Christain. She looked out from the broken window and saw us all very clearly but we all ran away thinking that she won’t know who it was.

Next day, when we came to school, the glass was mended and there was a huge heap of juicy ripe red badams under the tree , all washed and cleaned, ready for us to savour. Ma’am was standing near it and all the students were asked to pick one on the way to their classroom. I was foolish enough to think that I have got away with what happened the previous day but when I approached the heap to take my share, I could see it in her eyes that I have been caught. That Stern glare was all that was needed for me to confess. I said sorry with tears welling up my eyes. She touched me gently on my back and gave me a badam. Not a word said, spoken or uttered and yet she explained it to me and all the others that carrying a guilt or a lie inside you is very burdensome. Such an important life lesson taught in such a simple way! This memory has been etched deep in my heart. It is moments like these which shape you as an individual.

Today, she is no more and my school also closed down. But even today, whenever I pass by my school or even a distant lane which leads to it, I feel elated. I want to tell you all that school life is the best phase of a human life. You are all making some of the best memories of your life here. You may not realise this right now but once you grow up and get busy with your responsibility and careers, then you will understand the value of it.

Lastly, I will give you one advice. Dont forget the watchmans and mausis who are working equally tirelessly to give you a safe and clean school. Wish them good morning or just smile whenever you cross paths with them in school. Keep in touch with the school even after you leave it. Take out sometime from your busy life to visit it. Wish your principals, teachers on Teachers day, send them emails or letters. They are treasure chests full of wisdom. You never know when you might want a gem from them.

Wish you all very happy schooling days!!


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